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Why Renting a Private Vault Safe Deposit Box Is Getting So Popular?

Operated by banks for decades, safe deposit lockers are used to store valuables, important documents, and other sentimental items.

Recently, a new actor is emerging – private vaults. Exclusive and 100% independent, these facilities offer protection, secrecy and most elevated security.

Find out the main reasons for the growing interest in private vault.

Loss of Confidence in Banks

Many citizens are losing trust in banks based on the policies that govern the banking system. Most banks do not permit storing cash, require information and are subject to strict guidelines. The ease involved in using a private facility makes it more convenient and appealing.

Digitalization of the Banking System

While technology and banking have developed at unprecedented speed, more customers use online banking services. As a result, bank branches are closing, safe deposit boxes are less available and long waiting lists have become prevalent.

Greater Diversity of Asset Storage

While they have always displayed their love for gold, investors behavior has shifted : their interest increased in various types of metals, fine arts, watches and even bags (Hermes has only risen in value). With safe deposit lockers, from regular to greater sizes, you are able to keep a diverse collection of valuable items in a secured place.

Protection from Burglary and Fire

Storing your valuables in a private vault is a more secure alternative than keeping them at home. The private facility offers ultimate protection by providing adequate reinforced structure and latest installations against fire fighting and intrusion. Advanced alarms systems, 24/7 security guard and CCTV monitoring are compulsory.

Privacy and Peace of Mind

Ultimately, the serenity that comes with securing your favorite watch, important files or rare arts has made safe deposit lockers highly popular. When your belongings are safely stored in a private vault, you do not have to worry about others discovering private information and tampering with your most prized possessions.

The benefits of safety boxes cannot be disputed. Opting for private facilities offer comfort, privacy and security as opposed to regular bank safes.


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