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How Safe is My Private Vault?

When it comes to security, systems are getting more sophisticated. At a basic level, security can be resumed by 3 simple questions: what you know, what you have and who you are. Those three layers combined make it impossible to beat the system.

Transposed to Private Vaults, you can understand how strong the facility is by making sure these three steps are respected.

1. What you know

The safe deposit locker number is the information you are the only one to know. Whether you share it with a co-tenant or not, you are the only one who knows what is your safe box number. Most banks have their staff entering the vault room with you as per their dual key locking system forcing the bank to possess one key and come along with you. In some rare cases, you may go alone in the safe room area allowing you complete privacy and extra security.

2. What you have

In that situation, something you possess is generally a key. Keys are unique and you are the only one who has one. In some cases, you may have a private access card that adds an additional layer of security. Both combined are definitely the safest and best option. In case of loss, it is important to inform the facility as soon as possible. Indeed, these are special safe deposit lockers made-to-order and it may require time to have the adequate team involved to change for a total new lock and cylinder.

3. Who you are

Latest technologies make authentication advanced. Previously, the only way to authenticate yourself was by your ID card or passport, that could be copied. Now, facial recognition, fingerprint or iris scan make authentication unbeatable. Make sure the facility you have chosen has selected at least one of these new essential technologies.

Keep in mind that security, like some tools and techniques are more secure than others, and having a number of different mechanisms in place generally increases security. Even with technology becoming increasingly sophisticated, the core remains basic and it is important to always combine the three points.

For extra peace of mind, some facilities offer 24/7 recorded CCTV, security guards, vibration and motion sensors, and an alarm connected to Dubai Police. Those extra layers ensure the best security for your belongings.


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