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FAQ - Frequently Asked Question

Updated: Feb 21

Why do I need a safe deposit box?
  • If you prioritize the safety and privacy of your documents and valuables, a safe deposit box offers a secure solution

  • Gain peace of mind with protection in a highly secured private vault monitored 24/7, ensuring constant vigilance over your possessions

  • Whether for sensitive documents or valuable items, a safe deposit box provides an added layer of confidentiality, safeguarding your assets from unauthorized access

Why choose HBS Privé over a bank?
  • Skip the lengthy and complicated processes often associated with banks, including long waiting lists and minimum deposit requirements

  • Open to UAE residents and visitors, ensuring accessibility for all individuals in need of secure storage solutions

  • Enjoy a hassle-free booking experience with HBS Privé, whether online or at the facility, ensuring quick and easy access to secure storage options

Why rent a safe deposit locker in Dubai?
  • Take advantage of Dubai's robust jurisdiction system and political stability, providing a secure environment for your valuable assets

  • Despite Dubai's reputation as one of the safest cities globally, certain documents and items require additional care, protection, and privacy

  • With HBS Privé, enjoy heightened security measures, complete confidentiality, and absolute discretion over your assets and valuables, ensuring peace of mind regarding their safety and privacy

How do I register and what documents are required?
  • Visit our facility with your original Emirates ID or Passport

  • Quick registration process, under 15 min, including filling out a form and scanning biometrics

  • Online pre-booking available:

Where are you located?

What are the sizes available?

We pride ourselves in providing 5 highly secured safe sizes to meet all your needs :

  • Classic’ : 50 x 300 x 450 mm (H x W x D) ideal for documents at AED 1090 per year

  • Premier’ : 75 x 300 x 450 mm (H x W x D) ideal for documents and small items at AED 1590 per year

  • Prestige’ : 150 x 300 x 450 mm (H x W x D) ideal for medium items at AED 2990 per year

  • Elite’ : 300 x 300 x 600 mm (H x W x D) ideal for large items at AED 5490 per year

  • 'Privé’ : 600 x 300 x 600 mm (H x W x D) ideal for cabin suitcase at AED 8990 per year

What items can I store?
  • Secure all types of valuables: precious metals, jewelry, gemstones, cash and coins, hardware wallets, data storage, deeds, wills, contracts, company documents, artwork, heirlooms and more

What is the rental period?
  • Yearly rental with the option to book up to ten (10) years in advance

  • Payment methods include cash, cheque, card, online payment, and cryptocurrency

Is there any deposit?
  • No deposit is required

How can I access the vault?
  • Present your original Emirates ID or passport during each visit to gain access to the vault

  • Biometrics will be utilized to access the private vault area, enhancing security measures

  • Access to the vault is ensured through a dual-lock system, requiring both your key and one held by HBS Privé for added security

Can I use my safe deposit box immediately?
  • Upon registration, you receive two unique keys for immediate use of your safe deposit box

  • No copies of the keys are retained, ensuring that only you have access to your safe deposit box

Can I change the size of my safe during the rental period?
  • You can upgrade your safe deposit box size if more space is needed

Do you share my information?
  • No, clients' information are being kept completely private and confidential

Is it possible to visit HBS Privé?
  • Schedule a tour by contacting us at +971 04 424 9987

Do you provide any insurance?
  • All the boxes are insured up to AED 1,000,000 by Lloyd’s of London

Can I book under my company name?
  • Companies and foundations can rent a safe deposit locker

  • A valid UAE trade license, a copy of the memorandum of association, and a share certificate are required

Can I book a safe if I am not living in Dubai?
  • Services are available to both residents and non-residents of the United Arab Emirates

Can I grant access to a person of my choice?
  • Ability to grant access to one "Authorized Person" upon filling out a form at the facility

How many times can I access the facility?
  • Unlimited access is provided as needed

Is there a separate room where I can view my valuables alone?
  • Private rooms are available within the vault for viewing valuables in full privacy

Why HBS Privé?
  • Robust Security Measures: Benefit from our comprehensive security setup, featuring steel-reinforced concrete construction, a sophisticated 7-layer security system, and a trusted partnership with G4S for enhanced protection of your valuables

  • Competitive Pricing: Enjoy affordable rates starting from just AED 1090 per year, ensuring excellent value for the level of security and service provided

  • Stable Facility Ownership: With full ownership of our facility, we guarantee no relocations, offering you peace of mind regarding the safety and accessibility of your belongings

  • Variety of Box Sizes: Select from a range of box sizes to accommodate your specific storage needs, ensuring that there's an option suitable for every requirement

  • Exceptional Customer Service: Experience top-notch customer service from our dedicated team, committed to providing prompt assistance and ensuring a positive experience for all our clients

What other services do you provide?
  • Board meeting room available for discreet meetings in our JLT branch, bookable via WhatsApp

How can I contact you?


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