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Why Should You Rent a Safe Deposit Box?

Updated: Feb 1, 2021

In today’s world, having money in a bank account seems not a good bet anymore. Investment has become accessible and prevalent. Precious metals, rare watches, jewellery or artworks can be an excellent option to offer a potential return. These alternatives have resulted in a need for a safe deposit box to keep these possessions safe.

Recently, a surge of incidents has been reported in the news about burglary, attacks and fire in Dubai affecting people’s valuables and investments.

With all that information flowing around and the risks involved for you or your beloved ones, it is not surprising that people are looking for safe solutions to keep their valuables secure.

Private or corporate clients, here are the commons reasons why the demand increases.

1. Protect Valuables, Documents and Heirlooms.

This is by far the most common reason given. With our valuables being noticed by people entering our house - nanny, maid or handyman - it begs the question of the real privacy storing our valuables at home.

For most people, having a safe at home that only you and family members have access is enough. However, anytime someone enters could notice it. If you are traveling, then it can become a threat. It’s a scary thought to think of where these precious possessions can end up.

When you’re able to hide your valuables in a private safe in a secured location, you have the peace of mind knowing that you’re covered if someone breaks through your home or in case of unexpected event (fire, flood).

2. Keep Personal Information Private.

Aside from needing a safe deposit locker to protect their valuables, many people are looking for alternatives to keep other personal information confidential. Passports, title deeds, bonds, wills are just a few examples of personal documents that are important that cannot get into wrong hands.

A private vault like HBS Privé can be a great alternative to anyone. While using a private vault and not a bank, you have the ability of more flexibility in terms of timing, extra security due to required installation and privacy being outside of the banking system.

3. Premium services

Let’s be honest, banks have no interest having you storing your cash in a safe. They’d rather having you owning one of their banking products. With the online banking services exploding, less branches are offering safes anyway.

By choosing HBS Privé, you trust a company that has made offering safe deposit locker their core business. Thus, everything has been thought for our members best interests :

  • open 24/7

  • a blend of both physical and electronic security

  • security guards and the facility connected to Dubai Police

  • reinforced structure and UL vault door

  • simplified registration without waiting list

  • 5 different sizes of lockers upon your requirements

  • luxury facility including meetings rooms, lounge area and private viewing room

HBS Privé provide the ultimate in secure storage when it comes to protecting your valuables and investments in Dubai.


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