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7 Reasons Why you Should Rent a Safe Deposit Box in Dubai.

Updated: Feb 18, 2022

Your valuables need to be protected, but regular safe deposit boxes may not do the trick. Sure, they provide more protection than you have at home, but taking it to the next level and renting a safe deposit box in a private vault provides more protection. Here is why.

1. There’s more security.

Safety deposit boxes inside a private vault have more security. Banks are secure, of course, but private facilities often have 24/7 CCTV monitoring plus a security guard. If there is a security breach, the authorities are notified instantly, and the video footage provides any evidence insurance companies or the police may need.

2. Private vaults are up to date.

Safety deposit boxes have security, but with a key. That’s not enough for your most prized valuables. Private facilities have much more advanced controls including biometrics including facial recognition, iris recognition, or fingerprints.

3. Protect your valuables from natural disasters.

Fires and floods are serious risks. Private vaults located in a stable structure made of concrete and steel walls can withstand the most devastating disasters. Other features most private facilities have include heavy strong doors and special locks. Residential safety deposit boxes don’t have these.

4. Protect your belongings from theft.

Hackers know a lot about all of us today, including what you may have in your safety deposit box. There’s a much lower chance of theft or vandalism when your items are in a private vault. The extra layers of security plus the access-control decrease the risk of theft.

5. You get the ultimate privacy and discretion.

No one knows what you store in the private vault. You are the only person with access to it – unless you grant access to a loved one or someone else of your choosing. Also, you don’t have to disclose what you’re storing. You may rent the unit yourself or have a co-renter – the decision is yours.

6. You have insurance coverage.

Bank security deposit boxes don’t have insurance. You can insure the items yourself, but the bank doesn’t offer any extra protection. Private vaults come with proper insurance, putting you in charge of the coverage amount so you know you’re covered in the event of any theft or damage.

7. It’s convenient.

If you don’t like banker’s hours, consider a private vault. Some facilities offer 24/7 access, allowing you access to your valuables whenever you need it, not just when the bank is open and an appointment is available.

If you’re storing belongings in a safe deposit box, it’s time to consider a private vault. You have easy access to your items and have much better protection. It’s not worth taking a risk leaving your items in a safety deposit box with minimal security, putting your items at risk of theft or damage. In today’s environment, it’s important to protect yourself as much as possible and that includes your valuables – secure your vault today!


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